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DOTA 1.5 Patch

Screen Shots:

Dota 1.5 Patch [By ReNa!SSanCE]

Instructions (please be guided)
Make sure you already downloaded the DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer. DotA 1.5 Mod will run smoothly in a fresh Warcraft III - Frozen Throne. Please UNINSTALL any existing Mod (if there is) in your Warcraft III.

1.)Run the installer, click the appropriate buttons then locate your Warcraft III directory (the Warcraft III folder you created for DotA 1.5) then install.

2.)DotA 1.5 Maps  6.74c and Ai 6.74c 1.3b
After you successfully patched and install DotA 1.5, you must download and use our DotA 1.5 Maps: 6.74c and AI 6.74c 1.3b before playing.





[OPTIONAL] for great game Perfomance
also download and combine with DOTA 2


  1. part 1 not working wrong password this is bs >.<


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